It’s another sunny, warm fall day in Nashville, and I’m due for a shower after a particularly grueling workout. Hair care has always been a hit-or-miss realm of the natural beauty world for me. I’ve really struggled to find a styling product to tame, soften, and maintain my unruly hair. I’ve got a mishmash of curly, wavy, and just pouffy hair texture; when I scrunch my curls with a gel or mousse, it never sets just right, and blowdrying it takes a ton of effort, time, and unhealthy heat. Plus, my natural wave still manages to break through.

I’ve tried some products from the well known Rahua brand and have not been particularly impressed. Their shampoo and conditioner, while good, don’t do anything life changing for me to justify the steep price. However, the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask is a different story.


First off, I’ve never used this as a mask. I use it as a de-frizzing styling agent extraordinaire and heat protectant. Why? I figured that since it’s chockfull of healthy, nourishing, and protective oils, why not? In addition, I’ve never had much patience for hair masks or treatments. I can’t just hide out in the house and wear a shower cap for hours, or I end up smearing conditioner or oil all over my pillow if I wear a hair mask overnight.

My application of this product is far simpler and has the added moisturizing benefits of using something meant to be a mask as an everyday staple. You may wonder how this can work. When I think of a mask, I think of something heavy, goopy, and messy. Well, it works because this stuff is the opposite; lightweight,  viscous, and convenient.


Upon exiting the shower, I immediately apply and disperse a nickel-sized dollop through the bottom half of my hair and swipe a little bit up around the roots. It glides easily and evenly through wet hair, even though my hair is quite thick. My scalp gets oily quickly, so I try not to apply too much of this nourishing product near the hairline, but even if I do, it doesn’t weigh my hair down or give me an oil-helmet look. It imparts a natural, moveable, moisturizing, and smooth hold to my curls and waves. Another added benefit? There is a refreshingly green scent to accompany this light and lotion-like elixir.


The result? Springy and defined curls! This mask is well worth it, and I will definitely repurchase. I especially love the large bottle! I barely use half a pump with each application, and I can’t imagine when I will actually run out. I highly recommend it if you are in the market for something to tame and style frizzy, thick, and textured hair.I picked mine up at spiritbeautylounge.

I know a lot of people love this brand; are you one of them? Any other hair recommendations? After being so thoroughly impressed with this, I am very intrigued by the Rahua Hair Wax, which is more of a thick lotion than a pomade.

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